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Chronic Pain Management Group

Art therapy to manage chronic pain, emotional and psychological challenges

For what?

Pain is challenging! This group is a time for you, to take care of yourself.

There is no miracle pill for relief of all symptoms, but the person can be empowered by their own actions to improve their health.


Chronic pain causes challenges in a person's life.

The person is more prone to: Physical pain, physical, emotional, psychological exhaustion. Misunderstanding of family, friend, work. Financial challenge. Mourning for a less limiting body, mourning activity. Increased chances of developing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Isolation.

Arts & Crafts

Art Therapy,
a Safe Space

This group offers a safe space for discussions, resources, emotional support and therapy. There you will find: confidential space, emotional safety, pain management strategies, possibility of experimenting with new approaches (neuroplasticity, mindfulness, visualization, etc.), motivation, reduction of social isolation, validation, psychoeducation. Resource for creative expression to connect with different parts of the brain and body.

Arts & Crafts
Group Therapy

Art Group
-Therapy,Chronic Pain Management

For who? For people living with chronic pain who want to reduce their physical and emotional pain.


What is the price? $50 per meeting


How many weeks? 10 meetings


When does it start?Registration for the waiting list, a group starts with a minimum of 4 people.


Session duration: 1h30

Possibility to see with interested participants the best times for them.


Available : Insurance receipts for reimbursement

customer reviews


"Sabrina Landecker is an exceptional online art therapist. She has been instrumental in my journey to managing chronic pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression. Sabrina is kind, patient and knowledgeable. Her approach Her meditative and non-judgmental attitude creates a safe space for healing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional, compassionate online art therapy support. Well-deserved five stars!”
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