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Art Therapy Group Sessions

Virtual Nutrition and Art Therapy Program

Optimize your journey to better health with our program of 12 group sessions. These sessions alternate between meetings with a certified nutritionist and therapeutic art therapy sessions. Benefit from a holistic approach that drives lasting transformation, while getting the personalized support you deserve. Our program offers you the opportunity to strengthen your physical and emotional well-being in a harmonious way.

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Chronic Pain Management Group

Living with chonic pain is challenging. It is loss of physical capacity, activity, objectives, dreams, work. It's facing stereotypes, judgment. it's living in isolation and financial challenges. it’s about being in pain and being exhausted. Increased chances of developing symptoms of depression and anxiety

This group offers a safe space for discussions, resources, emotional support and therapy. There you will find: confidential space, emotional safety, pain management strategies, possibility of experimenting with new approaches (neuroplasticity, mindfulness, visualization, etc.), motivation, reduction of social isolation, validation, psychoeducation. Resource for creative expression to connect with different parts of the brain and body.


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Art therapy group for people living with Fibromyalgia



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